Gymer on Bangalore Mirror

On 10th August 2015, Bangalore Mirror carried the success story of Gymer. As quoted by Srikanth Balakumar, co-founder Gymer, in Bangalore Mirror,  “Market research revealed that 60-70 per cent of those who pay a gym membership fee (anywhere between Rs 15,000 and 25,000 per year) hardly turned up to use the facilities. Only eight per cent of the population went to the gym at least 20 days a month. And 20 per cent would attend 10- 20 days a month. “They are motivated to go to the gym, and pay up hoping that it will get them to go. But a late night out would come in the way. They were looking for convenient options which weren’t available,” he says. That’s when he hit upon the idea of Gymer. Coming from life experiences of friends, Gymer, hopes to address and solve this problem. Gym by the hour, will resonate and eventually help people to commit towards their goal of a healthy lifestyle.

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