Gym by the hour and pay as you gym

Many people sign up for gym memberships to help themselves stay fit. But, with high membership fees, many are apprehensive about paying up, not knowing whether they will be able to use the gym regularly. On the other hand, many gyms face the problem of a low signup ratio and a high drop-out rate. Gymer, co-founded by Srikanth Balakumar, is a Bangalore based start-up which aims to solve this problem. What is Gymer? Gymer is a mobile app and web-based service that provides a cashless system for booking instant or in-advance workout sessions on an hourly basis.Users can decide when and where to work out, with a ‘payas-you-go’ option. From the list of verified gyms that Gymer has tied up with, users can pick the one closest to them, and book hourly sessions for that day or the next. For every booking that gyms receive through their platforms, Gymer receives a nominal fee. Gyms are categorized based on their hourly rates and facilities.They currently have three different categories with respective pricing. Value Proposition of Gymer : Win-win for all For their Users: With no upfront membership fees, users can workout on an hourly basis and pay as they go with Gymer. For their Gym Partners: With a high attrition rate amongst gymers who sign up but do not return, the gyms are left with spare inventory that they can now productively use through Gymer. They have also introduced a bulk booking feature which makes gyming much more cheaper compared to the usual gym memberships.

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