Gymer more for less

We know how it works with your current gym. At Gymer we wanted it simpler. So we don’t have any membership fees.  Yes ZERO Membership Fees is what we ask. Simply pay by the hour for your chosen gym/studio. One click cashless payment and you are all set to work out. You can still keep your Gym membership but do take a look at our hourly rates below. Do the math versus your monthly membership fee especially on a per visit cost.  Unless you go more than 20 days a month, it wont make sense. If you do go more than 20 days a month, you are a serious fitness machine. We’d love to talk to you about getting others as motivated as you are 🙂 6630170_orig.pngJust do the math on the number of days you miss in a month and still pay for, you will know what we are talking about!

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