5 Smart things you can do with Rs 2,000 a month or less

IBN Live has written a success story about Gymer, Read more. If surveys and trend analysts are to be believed, young working professionals in India today are enjoying the best of times. Career opportunities have moved beyond engineering and medical degrees to industries not known before. Terabytes of information is available at the speed of a click and the changing business landscape is full of promises. On the other hand, the digital economy is shaping personal spending habits. In the unapologetic race for the next iPhone, the latest car or a fancy holiday , it doesn’t take much time before the zeroes disappear from the salary account. While millennials fret about increasing restaurant bills and out of reach luxury toys, we did some research to find out what 2,000 bucks a month can buy to invest in the self. Here’s what we found. Health and Fitness, This is one space that many consider but lose to procrastination. In metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, avenues to invest in fitness abound. here are a few options we found. At the price of INR500 per session, you can experience the uber cool Crosstrain Assault community. Every Saturday morning, join the crew during their 90 minute boot camp, comprising a lot of running and body weight workout. Another option is the Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp at Siri Fort Sports Complex. Here, the Krish Fitness Academy holds marathon training sessions, sports conditioning, bootcamp, and metabolic conditioning at the cost of INR 7000 for non-members – just seven months’ worth of saving. If apps are your game, Bangloreans can try out Gymer, a mobile app and web-based service that provides a cashless system for booking instant or in-advance workout sessions on an hourly basis. They currently have three different categories, at price points of Rs 140, Rs 180 and Rs 220.

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