5 Myths About the Best Time to Eat Fruit (and the Truth)

Fruits are rich in nutrients and an important part of a healthy diet.

Myths claiming there’s a best or worst time to eat fruit are unfounded and untrue. In truth, these made-up rules only spread confusion and misinformation. Regardless of the time of day, eating fruit is a sweet, delicious and weight loss friendly way to get plenty of healthy nutrients for your body.

Here are the top five myths about the best time to eat fruit;

Myth 1: Always Eat Fruit on an Empty Stomach
Myth 2: Eating Fruit Before or After a Meal Reduces Its Nutrient Value
Myth 3: If You Have Diabetes, You Should Eat Fruit 1–2 Hours Before or After Meals
Myth 4: The Best Time of Day to Eat Fruit Is the Afternoon
Myth 5: You Shouldn’t Eat Fruit After 2:00 in the Afternoon

If these are myths, whats the truth? Is there a best time to eat a fruit? Click here to get the answers.

Source: Authority Nutrition.

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