Success Story on Gymer

Gymer is a mobile app and web-based service that provides a cashless system for booking instant or in-advance workout sessions on an hourly basis. Users can decide when and where to work out, with a ‘pay-as-you-go’ option. From the list of verified gyms that Gymer has tied up with, users can pick the one closest to them, and book hourly sessions for that day or the next. For every booking that gyms receive through their platforms, Gymer receives a nominal fee. Gyms are categorized based on their hourly rates and facilities. We currently have three different categories with respective pricing. For our Users : With no upfront membership fees, users can workout on an hourly basis and pay as they go with Gymer. For our Gym Partners: With a high attrition rate amongst gymers who sign up but do not return, the gyms are left with spare inventory that they can now productively use through Gymer. Current Status: Gymer has so far partnered up with 180 gyms across Bengaluru. “The experience of signing up with gym partners has been quite pleasant. The major issue gyms face is that a large section of people come and sign up, but 60-70% do not return. So they were happy signing up with us.” We also have a partner-facing mobile app to help gyms manage and control their bookings. Gyms can also reach out to their users in case of emergencies, such as the gym being closed on a certain day, through it. The partner-facing app is also used to start and manage gym sessions. The user is provided with a verification code, which is entered into the partner-facing app to begin a session. How to access Gymer: Gymer offers their service through a mobile app, desktop, and mobile browsers. So far, we have seen equal traction across all platforms. We aim to stay active on all three platforms, to cater to people who are not comfortable keeping apps installed on their mobile devices. Website: Browser based web app: About Founder – Gymer was co-founded by Srikanth Balakumar and Kushal Kumar. Kushal is an investment banker from the UK, and Srikanth, a 27 year old entrepreneur, comes from a technical background. Going Forward: As we expand and add more cities, it will be beneficial as users can stick to their fitness routines even while they travel. The app also provides additional details about the gyms, such as contact details, address through Google maps, opening hours and facilities provided.

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